The Toolbox OS

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A creative career & project Notion dashboard to make you the most organized and efficient creative, whether freelance or full-time.

These are the same Notion tools and templates I use as a Senior Art Director in the advertising industry. They've helped me become a more organized and productive creative—meaning, I go home at 5pm, rarely work weekends, and never drop the ball.

This Notion template includes:

  • 📞 Recruiter Rolodex
  • 🖼️ Swipe Library template
  • 🎖️ Praise Archive
  • 📤 Jobs Tracker
  • 👥 1:1 Manager notes
  • ✅ Project/Task Management

➕ Includes The Toolbox Database 🧰

This is the complete Toolbox database currently live on as a fully editable Notion template. The Toolbox website is built on top of my personal Notion databases. Now you can access the backend, take it and do with it what you want!


Download now and you get every future update to the Social Comps Master Deck for FREE.

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A Notion dashboard containing tools & templates for managing your creative career.

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The Toolbox OS

0 ratings
I want this!